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RE-Start - Integrated pathways for adults working (re)integration


As the labour market is more and more changeable, unemployed over 45, especially those who have lost their jobs because of company crisis, hardly find new jobs and even if their income is supported by unemployment or other kind of benefits, their social and economic situation gets worse. Their marginalization causes huge losses of human capital and vocational skills for the whole society.

General objective
The project wants to define, test and validate an innovative, shared and transferable pathway for the work reintegration of workers introducing and developing services, measures and supports to increase stable and rewarding employment for workers expelled from the labour market. The pathway shall avoid that unemployment create losses of active social and citizenship participation.
Training and guidance are opportunities for preserving and improving “employment capacity” during the periods of transition from one work to another or between different working and social roles.

Specific objectives
- Comparing, within the European partners' territories, legislative backgrounds, approaches and innovative good practices for work reintegration of workers loosing their jobs because of company crisis or reorganisation processes.
- Developing shared guide lines for an effective reintegration process.
- Testing on a small sample, validating and spreading the developed guide lines.

Reference number: 142147-LLP-2008-IT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP



Angaben zum Forschungsprojekt

Beginn des Projekts:November 2008
Ende des Projekts:Oktober 2010
Projektleitung:Greca, Prof. Dr. Rainer
Finanzierung des Projekts:Begutachtete Drittmittel
Geldgeber:EU: Lifelong Learning Programme: Grundtvig
  • Centro Studi Nazionale Opera Don Calabria – Verona, Italy
  • CDS Centro Documentazione Studi – Ferrara, Italy
  • IMFE – Instituto Municipal de Formación y Empleo – Granada, Spain
  • Konfederacija Sindikatov 90 Slovenije – Ljubljana, Slovenia
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