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Info-C.O.O.P. - Information and Cultural Opportunities of Old People


Information and Cultural Opportunities of Old People

Objectives of the project programme

The project has the purpose of offering operative models and strategic instruments that are intended as local administrative support to strategically and innovatively face the problems related to formative and educative politics for adults. The reference target is represented by Senior Citizens and, for that which regards Info-COOP, residents in surrounding regions and residents who are decentralised at a level of social and cultural activities. The project intends to transfer know-how and useful methodology to the personnel of the public administrations to implement concrete actions in the region, that may resolve specific and targeted problems tied to the citizens’ rights to education and permanent learning, keeping in mind the many Senior Citizens resident in areas that are peripheral, rural or subject to depopulation that may have partly been deprived, over time, the right to access sources of education and cultural growth. This project is thus aimed at creating operative models and relative products-instruments that local administrations may utilize as a guide for the programming of operations and as a reference in the realization of concrete measures for cultural development and the human resources of the territory and for the continuing training of the administrators and personnel involved in the experimentation, the realization and management of the operations.

Fields of action

Made according to the capacity of the Partnership to produce innovations and the effort made to distribute the results throughout Europe, working in a prospective “local-glocal”, Info-COOP intends to:

- Transfer knowledge, methodology in the training/education of adults identifying their need for learning and education

- Developing strategies for the satisfaction of needs, activating integral links with educational and instructional institutes, cultural centres, libraries, cinemathiques, developing educational models to experiment and render operative for teachers, providers, cultural mediators and public administration personnel, which are also manageable through eLearning.

- Identifying formative and cultural activities in which Senior Citizens, who although pensioned, might in this way be allowed to remain active in their professional fields.

Anticipated actions

1. Analysis of regional territorial contexts, for the purpose of high-lighting the peculiarities and evaluating the possibilities of the transferral of practices

2. Models development

3. Results development

4. Experimentation

5. Monitoring qualitative evaluations and validation throughout of the project

6. Dissemination of the project’s results

7. Transferability of the results

Roles of the Public Administration

Essentially the role that the public administrators have to address in the ambit of the project is that of the regional animation for the creation of a network of local interest and participation in the activities that would be carried out, providing the conditions and the resources necessary for the validation of the model and for the purpose of implementing that which is anticipated and validated by the project.

Angaben zum Forschungsprojekt

Beginn des Projekts:Dezember 2007
Ende des Projekts:November 2009
Projektleitung:Greca, Prof. Dr. Rainer
Finanzierung des Projekts:Begutachtete Drittmittel
Geldgeber:EU: Lifelong Learning Programme: Grundtvig
  • Province of Ancona
  • Istituite for Labour Foundation
  • UNIEDA –Italian Adult Education Union
  • Permanent Territorial Center for Adult Education
  • Laboratory of Ideas
  • High School “ZAPPA-FERMI”
  • Perfekt Business Consulting, Training and Publishing Company
  • I.M.F.I.- Status The Local Institute for Training and Employment
  • Centro ricerche Documentazione e Studi
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