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Gender distinction in foreign language learning


Learning languages is strongly influenced by an existing, but in
institutionalized settings of language learning still most widely
disregarded diversity: In many parts, boys and girls, men and women
obviously learn and use languages in a completely different way. This
initially hypothetic claim, based on pedagogical and educational as well as
linguistic and psychological observations, can currently be newly restarted
on neuro-scientific references. Extraordinary progress in functional brain
imaging now allows scientists to broadly understand the neural systems
serving language skills and how these systems differ in gender. So they can
prove evidence of developmental differences between males and females in
language acquisition related brain structure during childhood as well as
adolescence. A cross-sciences synopsis of these studies will be the first
main focus. The non-statistical synthesis is absolutely necessary to
prepare, identify and select evidence-based neurodidactical implications for
(foreign) language learning in a following second step.

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Beginn des Projekts:2014
Ende des Projekts:2016
Projektleitung:Böttger, Prof. Dr. Heiner
Finanzierung des Projekts:Nicht begutachtete Drittmittel
Geldgeber:General Electrics
Themengebiete:H Anglistik; Amerikanistik > HD Allgemeines; Didaktik; Studium; Landeskunde
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